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August 15, 2017, 12:13 PM

Follow one who can see!

Grace Note - Blind leading the blind

This world is hurting. I’m hurting watching it hurt, and I imagine you are too. Each week I try to offer a grace-filled note that is uplifting, but this week it is a struggle. Rather than loving each other and preparing for the Kingdom, we have too many people that seem obsessed with regurgitating old wounds and hatred and spewing their venom on others in an attempt to rewrite history. Our history is most valuable when it is used to keep us from reliving the mistakes made in the past. We have some people that can’t seem to accept history and want to delete it, like the “delete” key on this computer – and to deny others the knowledge of the past. In turn, they have inflamed some people that oppose them. The fight has become ugly. Both of those “some people” have a mass of people blindly following them, which have no idea what history taught us. So they blindly follow blind leaders into an abyss that grows deeper each day. We must not follow them.

We can’t seem to learn from our mistakes, can we? The Bible is filled with stupid, hatefully, power-driven people that made mistakes and repeated them over and over through the centuries, yet it is God’s Love and Grace that has restored peace time and time again. So join me in a prayer that we learn from the past but focus forward on the path to the Kingdom, one of today and tomorrow, one lined with love, grace, forgiveness, for we are all God’s children. Please read Matthew 15: 1-28 for Sunday.

Pray for Peace,

Pastor Mike

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