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June 11, 2017, 9:00 PM

Harvest Time

Grace Notes – the harvest is near

There is a parishioner’s garden a short walk from the parsonage that I watch daily. A few months ago the soiled was turned, harrowed with rows marked off, exposing good loamy soil scattered with a dusting of small white quartz that runs the ridge we live. Every day I would see them working the "field" as gentle rains, and warm temps brought the seeds and plants to life, along with the weeds. In the cool part of the day, the weeds were hoed and tomatoes staked. Water and fertilizer were all added at the proper time. Soon, this garden will be ready to pick. All the family will be recruited to harvest it all when it comes in. Harvested, it will provide meals for many for the coming months; ignored it will become infested with weed and benefit no one.

God provides a perfect garden if we help him with the cultivation and harvest. Our community is planted with valuable people, some of them among rocks and weeds, which need to be watched over to help them grow and mature so they can be harvested for the Kingdom. We might not be able to work a big garden, but we all can tend to a couple of volunteer plants. Yes, it will be a sacrifice, and some days might be tough, but by committing, you will triple the number in the harvest – to two you help and yourself. God has a plan found in Matthew 9:35-10:23.

Will you follow His instructions?

In Christ, we grow and live,

Pastor Mike

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