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July 10, 2017, 9:06 PM

Parable - an earthly story with a spiritual truth

Grace Notes – Selective hearing

It is common knowledge that most married men have a unique malady called “selective hearing.” Men can hear a tom turkey gobble a couple of hundred yards away but can't hear their wife ask them to paint the kid’s bedroom. Oh, some cheerfully respond, “Yea, honey, I‘ll jump on it next week. Anything for you!” Then weeks pass and not a drop of paint has touched the wall. Or some beg for mercy, that they are working late every night and already had plans for the weekend to hunt with the guys. What she wants to hear is, "Sweetheart, let's run to Home Depot this evening and pick out the color you want; it will probably take 4 gallons, then buy all the stuff we need so we can paint it this weekend. I’ll plan my hunting trip for next weekend. OK?”

God’s words have been crystal clear since time began, but men have either ignored them, or given them a token response, or been too busy to listen to them. How would you respond to someone who had continually brushed you off or wouldn’t even acknowledge you existed? “But to the one who hears the word and understands it, he will bear fruits and yields of a hundredfold, or sixty or thirty.” Matthew 13:23

Please read and study all of Matthew 13, for it is full of excellent teaching parables that will take you through the month of July!

Peace In Christ,

Pastor Mike @Emory/Candler

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