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March 6, 2018, 3:11 PM

Look up and believe!

Grace Note – at his wit’s end

Moses exclaimed, “Goodness, what else do you want? With God's help, we got you out of that brick-making-god-forsaken place, drown the ones chasing you, got water out of a rock when you were thirty, and provide manna and quail from heaven when you were hungry. God gave you victory over those that attacked you. God provided you everything you needed, and I'm leading you a place promised just for you – Paradise!” Now you complain, “This food is terrible. It’s too hot/cold in here. It’s too loud. I can’t hear. Who invited them? Why don’t we do what ‘I’ want? Why are we going this way?” (I added a few). God’s chosen leader was at his wit’s end.

So God answered them the best way he could and gave them something else on which to focus. Poisonous snakes! Snakes, feared by all to get their attention, and when bitten, brought sickness and death. They pleaded for mercy and confessed they had sinned. Then God sent the answer that would cure them, something to look up at, and to - to view very thing that plagued them now dead and hanging on a cross – a Snake (Sin). If they looked at the cross and saw the snake had been terminated and believed, they too would be spared to live rather than die. The story is told in Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-21.

Jesus came when we were yet sinners, and died on the cross to save us from the very thing that was killing us - Sin. Those who look up upon Him and believe will surely live a life eternal in paradise!

Join us this Sunday as we look at what is essential for life!

Grace, Pastor Mike

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